Discover the irresistible allure of our swimming pool. Imagine the sweltering sun on your skin, the scent of fresh flowers in the air, and the seductive murmur of rippling water. The oasis of calm that our pool creates invites you to relax and enjoy the ultimate coolness.

Dive into the crystal-clear water and let the cool, refreshing sensation envelop you. Swim laps in the calm water or enjoy a relaxing moment on an air mattress.

The swimming pool is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Lush vegetation, colourful flowers and picturesque views create an idyllic setting that takes you to another world.

Whether you are looking to cool down on a hot day, have a sporting challenge or relax, our pool offers something for everyone.

The song of cicadas: an unforgettable part of your holiday

The sound of the cicadas is inseparable from summer in the south of France. Their song, which can be heard from July to September, creates an unmistakable atmosphere of tranquillity and authenticity.

As you enjoy the warm sun on your skin and the cooling breeze in your hair, the buzzing sound of the cicadas fills the air. It is a melody of nature, a rhythm of summer, taking you to Provence and letting you dream away.

The song of cicadas: an unforgettable part or you holiday.

The cicadas are more than just insects; they are a symbol of the southern French lifestyle. Their song is a reminder of the long, sultry summer days, the smell of lavender and the taste of fresh, local produce.

Listen to the cicadas and get carried away by their relaxing melody. Close your eyes and enjoy the pure beauty of southern France.