From spring 2024 it will be possible to buy organic olive oil (extra virgin) from our own orchard. We currently have 43 olive trees, but we will plant more in the future.

Below is a small impression of our olive trees/olives 🫒 and the press where we have our olives pressed.

Olive oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing olives, the fruits of the olive tree. Mankind has been familiar with olive oil for a long time. The oldest data show that this oil was already used 4,000 years before the beginning of our era (source Wikipedia).

A little fact:

Olive oil ‘virgin’ is only called so if the oil from the first cold pressing is used. This involves the mechanical method, meaning that it has been pressed only with pressure. Nothing has been heated and no other means have been used. The taste is therefore purer and better preserved.

the olives are waiting patiently until they can be picked .…..