Taste the sun: Extra virgin olive oil from our own soil

liquid gold

Imagine the smell of ripe olives, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the promise of pure, liquid gold. That is the future with us! From spring this year (2024) you can enjoy extra virgin olive oil, produced with love on our own organic orchard.

The tins are ready to be filled with olive oil.

Our olive grove

We currently have 43 proud olive trees, each bathed in sunshine and carefully maintained. But that’s just the beginning! We continue to expand our orchard, so that we can let even more people enjoy this liquid treasure in the future.

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A look between our olive trees: Discover the beauty and serenity of our orchard. And the press where the magic happens: See where our olives are transformed into gold.

And for good reason!

With us you choose quality. Our olive oil is extra virgin, which means that only the first cold pressing is used. This mechanical process, without heat or additives, ensures the purest taste and the best preserved healthy properties.

More than just oil, it’s an experience:

With every drop you can taste the sun, the careful care, and our passion for honest, organic products. Upgrade your kitchen and your health with a bottle of home-grown liquid gold. Currently only available on our domain, if desired we can reserve your order.

The secret of extra virgin

Did you know that olive oil has been valued for thousands of years? History tells us that this “liquid gold” was used as early as 4,000 years before our era (source: Wikipedia).

We currently have 43 olive trees, we hope to plant more in the future so that we have more olive oil to sell.

A little fact:

Olive oil ‘virgin’ is only called so if the oil from the first cold pressing is used. This involves the mechanical method, meaning that it has been pressed only with pressure. Nothing has been heated and no other means have been used. The taste is therefore purer and better preserved.

the olives are waiting patiently until they can be picked .…..