a little histOry in a few lines abut this typical village.

If you are looking for a Southern France holiday; you are at the right place. There is so much to see and/or visit, for example our little village called Tresques.

The rock and water have often been conducive to the establishment of villages since prehistoric times. Such is the case of this one. Clinging to the rock and bordered by two streams: Veyre and Peypin and by a small river, the Tave. Neolithic man (5000 years ago) took advantage of this special place, the cave of Pujols, the hypogeum of Estang and the open-air habitats of Esquirades (last Neolithic and Old Bronze Age). Other places in the vicinity of the village testify to important activity since the Iron Age. La Roquette and the banks of the Etang.

Gallic tribes (the Aregonic People) settled on the Lacau plateau. The Gallo-Roman period shows important remains: villas, basins, necropolises, in the districts of La Roquette, Bouyas, Courac, Blagnas, Gres, Saint Loup, Canèque, etc.

roman roads

The Roman roads cross at Tresques, from the sea to the Cévennes, from Nîmes to Lyon (Roman road to Lyon) where the traces of the passage of the chariots are still visible, as is the viewing point on the Tave.

In the municipality four chapels from the 5th or 7th century, the 11th and the 14th century are classified. The 11th century church stands on the rock at the top of the village.

The castle, the watchtower and the first houses were built around the rock in the 12th century. A first ring of ramparts was built in the 11th century, and a second in the 13th century, which can still be seen in Le Barry.

The narrow and winding streets, the old stone facades, the openings in the form of loopholes, the arches in buttresses testify to the ancient character of this village.

Source: Tresques : Le patrimoine d’un village du Gard (Céline Missonier). Numerous books tell the history of this village, some of which are for sale at the town hall.

Tresques with its Tour de Guet - a tip for your to-visit list in Southern France holidays.
For Southern France holidays : Tresques with its Tour de Guet should not be missing from your to-visit list.